Starcraft Barracks

(here, the description of the app… Will be filled later)

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  1. eric:

    I like the app very much. Are there plans to include the tier badges or other achievements ie combat etc?


  2. Shaun:

    Please add 1v1 win/loss records as a seperate thing from team games. Other than that, I love this app. Thank you a lot for making it.


  3. Raul:

    Need an update, seems like its abandon :( need new leagues and fix for search profiles

  4. yHo:

    Are you still working on that project??? If not please advice us about it.
    We realy need you to fix your software… Every thing is bugging now.

  5. Gemste:

    You guys did great work but this app no longer loads prolifes. Please update and fix.

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