Wow Droid Armory – FAQ

  • I can’t create a character. How do I play the game ? (please, don’t laught, this is the most common question I get !)

World of Warcraft Armory is not a game. It’s a tool for World of Warcraft players (on Pc or Mac) which allows them to diplay the characters and their characteristics and gears. If you don’t play World of Warcraft, this software is useless for you.

  • I can’t see the widget. How do I display it ?

The same way you do it for any widget in Android : First, make sure you have enough space for a new widget (it takes a 3×1 box). Then long press on any empy space on your homescreen (A long press will last a couple of seconds). Then choose the “Widget” option (or “Android Widget” on some HTC models). Finally, select “Droid Armory” and follow the instructions.

If you cannot see “Droid Armory” in the widget list, then it’s probably because you stored the app on the SD Card (which is incompatible with Widgets). Switch back your app on the internal memory, then reboot your phone.

  • My character level/gear does not update.

Your toon has to be updated on the Armory to see your current gear. To update Armory, log in World of Warcraft with your toon and LOG OUT. Exiting will not update it.

  • The hairs of my toon show through my helmet / are not correct / wrong color / my tabard does not show correctly…

There are many known limitations in the 3D toon display. The hairs and face are not dependant on the toon (ie are the same for everybody), the guild tabard is not loaded and the hairs are shown even through the helmet. I hope to be able to fix it, but it is a huge work, and I have to reserve much time for it. And time is a critical resource for me…

Update : These issues should have been fixed most of the time. However, there are still some case where hairs are missing (leaving a big hole in the head, which proves that your toons are brainless and that YOU are their brain :) . There are even some very rare cases where some female toons have a beard. Funny but annoying. I’m still working on this…

  • The 3D model does not work on my … (insert your phone’s model here)

3D model is known to be not working on some models (Samsung Spica and Samsung Moment), and sometimes even crashes the phone. Unfortunately, as I don’t own such models, I cannot perform tests to know what’s going on. I suspect some tidious incompatibilities with OpenGL, but at the time, don’t see how to guess what’s going on…

  • When I look for my character, it keeps saying “no character found”

Your character must be at least level 10 to have their character sheet appear.
Make sure you have selected the right region. European characters only show if you select region Europ in the search page.
A character must be recently active to have its profile appear on the Armory.
If you’re sure your character must be shown, check the official site and look for it. If you can find it, and you still cannot load it into Wow Droid Armory, then send me an email.

  • The gear score of my toon is not correct.

Many players use a gear score addon. However, its formula is not known. So Wow Droid Armory is reading a gear score from which is a great site, but uses a different formula. If any of you can send me the GS addon formula (or a way to capture it from the web), then I’d be glad to include  it in my app…

  • Why does the application need access to my phone calls ?

First of all, it has no access to phone calls ! People, learn how to read ! The application has access to “phone state” (among other more common permissions). It’s very useful for me to get some debugging information from people sending me bug report. Without that, I’d be incapable of retrieving the necessary informations to diagnose the user’s issues. I can promise you it’s totally harmless (why would I want to know anything about you anyway. I’m just a normal person), but anyway if you’re paranoid, I won’t mind if you uninstall my work… You’re free…

  • Auction house link returns search problem, or does not work

It means you cannot download Blizzard’s Auction House application on
your phone and I don’t know why.
The “Auction House” button only get you to the market if this app is not installed, and launches it if it is. There’s nothing more I can do for that. Ask Blizzard why you cannot get their application on your phone model or from your country.

137 thoughts on “Wow Droid Armory – FAQ

  1. Is there a way to filter by armor type? When I search for my rogue, I get tons of upgrade recommends especially cloth ones. Thanks m8

  2. I can’t find my character because I use a letter accepted in the game but cannot type into the search box… the character I use is an a with a dash over it… any answers on how I can find my character even though I can’t type it in right on my droid phone

    • this is a tough subject. Try a long press on the virtual keyboard to show special letters like ÿ, ø, and so on… However, I don’t know if every character is available that way, so maybe you could try to copy/paste the text from another application. Please, if someone has an idea about this, tell us…

  3. How do I access the achievements mentioned in patch notes? Also, how about a raid widget that hooks into the toons cal and lists ical notifications? iIknow that last part is a crazy idea, but I thought it might be worth a shot :) to throw it out there

    • To see the achievements, tap on the upper part on the character’s page (the portrait frame)
      For the widget idea, I have no mean to access private datas, like calendars and so on. So, it won’t be possible.

    • Actually, this is not possible anymore because, as you said, I used the tap to access the achievements. But I will make it available again very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Along w/the now missing ability to see Professions, please add the ability to see my Reputation w/all the factions too! Let’s not forget Glyphs, pet talents too (probably in that order too…)

  5. Any chance the new update will make it over to the Archos 5 Android internet tablet? it keeps telling me to go and update but the appslib isn’t showing an update for it.

  6. Nice widget, first of all :) It does have small problem on my htc tattoo. It doesnt scale to fit my screen, so i am unable to see the 3 bottom items in each column on right and left. I hope you get it fixed at some point ;)

  7. Are u gonna add the account fuction like it is on the iphone where u can link ur accoutn. Check and sign up for calander event and all the other funtions it has alrdy?

    • Well, I don’t think so. I think most of the users won’t be confortable with the need to enter their login/password. I cannot blame them for it, because I’m not affiliated with Blizzard in any way…
      So I don’t think I will ever develop a feature that needs the user to be logged…

  8. My character used to display on the desktop instead of the application WoW icon. I never knew how I turned it on or how I turned it off. How do I get that back?

  9. Please disregard this post. I added as an application shortcut instead of a widget. When I added it as a widget I was able to select the character to display on the desktop.

    Great application!

  10. It seems that the talent tree view is jacked up after the. 77 update. Its like the talent icons aren’t scaled right and overlap each other. I’m using motor Droid.
    But other than that, love the app.

  11. On the moment even though the 3d character populates there are no colors appliedm it shows as a black frame of the toon. Also the widget scales but the lettering and numbering that should read in the bars does not and causes the numbers to be unreadable due to the size.

  12. Joseph, if you delete the character in WoW, it should be removed from the armory after the next standard maintenance (usually Tuesday mornings). If you mean how do you stop seeing that character and see a new character instead, just delete the widget from your home screen, and use the new character when you re-add it.

  13. I just have a problem seeing my guy in 3d on my samsung moment its just a shadow but the outline of my guy is there anything I can do about this

  14. Awesome app pure and simple no problems except sync time… wowarmory showed my char at 60 but droid armory showed her 48… is there a fix for that oh yeah I am on a motorola devour

  15. Hi. I have a problem with one tool. There is no way to see my charecter on the, it takes me error “error login to, please contact the developer” may be this is becaus i’m using a russian version?

    • It’s normal. Since last update, you must manually add (and remove) the toons to the favorite list.
      In the contextual menu, tap on the “favorite” star.

  16. My main is wearing a dragonsteel faceplate which looks like the new dk tier helm with the horns and his face shows thru. Chars name is veular, please adress

  17. Love this app. Use it every day. Unfortunately, lately I tried to look up a new toon I have been working on. The armory app can find her, but attempts to load character sheet leave me with “page has no data” or some such warning. Any ideas what’s going on. Have no problems loading my other toons already marked as favorites.

  18. Great app, thanks for the time you’re putting into it. The only problem I’m having is that it says my gear score is 1876 when I know it’s just over 4000. Any idea what might cause this?

  19. Great application!! In future releases, do you plan on showing a weapon in characters main hand? I am a fury warrior and all I am able to see is the offhand weapon.

  20. love the app still kinda new to the game. but what about the gear score. my gs addon for the game is reading a different number than this app.

  21. Bonjour

    Je n’ai pas trouvé (pas assez cherché ?) où remonter les bugs:
    - Affichage 3D ne fonctionne plus sur Samsung Galaxy depuis 2 ou 3 mise à jour. Etait fonctionnel auparavant. Le chargement reste bloqué sur 0/100.
    - L’appel au gearscore fonctionne la première fois et affiche une erreur au 2e appel (et suivant): “Web protocol error!”. Quitter (complètement)+Relancer l’application ne change rien: appel au GS toujours en erreur. Consultation d’un nouveau personnage: appel au GS fonctionnel au premier essai, pas les suivants. Bug rencontré sur versions ‘normale’ (v0.9.104) et ‘donate’ (v0.9.103) de l’application.

    Suggestion: Je fais cohabiter les versions ‘gratuite’ et ‘donate’; j’ai été surpris que la version ‘donate’ ne réutilise pas les données de la normale et qu’il me faille rechercher de nouveau les personnages pour les marquer ‘favoris’: utilisation de la même base ou un import automatique serait peut être être intéressant. Le remplacement de la version ‘gratuite’ par la ‘donate’ à l’installation serait peut être aussi intéressant.

    Je n’utilise que très peu l’application mais … je suis impressionné: très très bon travail, continuez!

  22. Love the app how do you switch characters once in a profile? I click on widget but I can only seem to view the toon I picked first.

    Thanks again!

    • Let me repeat myself : there will never be any calendar implementation in Wow Droid Armory. Why ? Because this-is-not-possible and will never be !

  23. hey guys can you give this guy some time to do his thing with game he is doing a good job so support him and stop nagging and if you want this app built faster donate.

  24. I know its probably been requested before but some way too sort gear in the upgrade screen would be awesome. By dungeon, heroic, normal, hard modes, etc. would make this app even more invaluable then it already is.

  25. Why can’t I see my mail when I hit the mailbox icon on the home screen? Where am I supposed to enter my sign on info to access my mailbox? What am I doing wrong?

  26. It was working before for my characters but my dk I transfered 3 days ago (vangesh) doesnt show on zendar just searches, I always log out rather than exit and another character in that realm comes up fine. Is this a time thing?

  27. Hey only my helmet, shoulders, and axe will load, please respond to this email adress with any suggestions. The app is pretty sick other than that.

  28. Using the app on Moto CLIQ (Android 1.5), I get an icon when I access the app telling me there are 14 mails but I can’t clear the number. I have no in-game mails, so I’m confused (and yes, the number has changed since last time I used the app). Also, the 3D viewer tries to load but I get a white animated body. The armor never does load. Hoping this clears when I upgrade to the G2 with Android 2.2 in a couple weeks but until then it’s useless to me.

  29. Ive been using the app for over a month now and update as they become avalible but now I can no longer see my Characters 3D model, I have un-installed and reinstalled to no avail. I recently did a faction change has this caused the issue at all.
    I own a X10 Mini Pro and I can load other 3D models and could with my character before.
    Still love the app

  30. @Dean : Yes, I think I will implement this as soon as I get some time for it (I think I need 1 or 2 working nights to do this)

  31. just fyi for people looking here about updates for 4.0.1… the char data in the app is pulled from wowarmory, and that hasn’t been current since the patch. so I’d imagine once wowarmory is fixed, new data should be coming into this app. So get on Blizz to fix the armory! :)

  32. hello, your app is very good. but since 4 or 5 update, i cannot success any search. no error, nothing. zero character displayed.
    before, the app works perfectly.
    (android phone: dell Streak – android 1.6)
    do you know why search don’t work? thanks for your work
    (et sorry for bad english :D )

    • @Zorg : To help me analyze your problem, please send me a mail via the “help/bug report” menu in the application. This will provide me some logs that will be very useful for me.

  33. When I search for my character it says lvl 80 dk which OS correct but when I select it it still shows me as lvl 77 with all of my old gear?

  34. At first try of checking out the app, the 3d model viewing of characters worked, despite the long loading process….after that, the 3d models are not properly working (shows most of char, but rest is white in color) I used Motoblur Android and it forces me to close.

  35. @Chase : This is a secret…
    @Blizus : Click on the small arrow which allows you to enter special chars, with the same codes as Alt+0xxx combos in Windows.
    @Defiancer : It should work now (since 0.9.150 release)
    @Lear / Sweet : Click on the star from the character’s page. Please send me a bug report if this doesn’t work.

  36. just downloaded this app on my motorola defy and it works almost perfect, only the change language setting doesnt work at all.
    i can choose whatever language, the program stays in german(system default) all the time.

  37. Hi thanks for an awesome app!! But i got a problem….when i try to watch a tauren charachter the tauren is white so i can’t see the gear or anything:/ but thanks for the app once again!

  38. Is there a way to filter the guild roster? It would be helpful to be able to filter and be able to sort by name or level or class. Love the app. It works great on my Evo.

  39. Hi

    is there any way to do a more detailed search? Instead of scrolling through all the characters names displayed there could be advbanced search option where you can narrow it down to class and level?


  40. Really cool app!
    Don’t suppose the 3D view could become a live wallpaper playing the idle animation?
    Now THAT would be real cool!

  41. When creating a widget for my rogue it finds him but will not show his picture at all and at the search screen it say “string not found”…. Brings up my shaman just fine….. Any ideas?

  42. hey, thanks for the great app. unfortunately the latest update is not working so well now on my MB501. item pics are showing green question marks and taking a very long time to load. 3d and item info are fine.

  43. Cannot use the special characters in any of my toons . Always says there is an error and wants to force close. Wonderful application but any chance os a fix for toons with special characters in names?

  44. Great app but since the last update I got I don’t get an option to look for item upgrades when looking at my items and also don’t see where I can see my gear score as only see average item level which is a little lower than what it shows in game as I have 344 and the app says 341. If you have any suggestions as to what I need to do to get it all working right please let me know.

  45. What I’m wondering is, when will the donate version be updated? I’ve just re-installed the free version (mainly because it shows my goblin hunter), the donate version is still lacking :(

  46. None of the features of this app have worked for a while for me, since one of the major updates. Used to work like a charm, but now when looking up any characters or guilds I get a ‘not found’ message. When I try to even view the app mailbox/news box it says ‘mail server unavailable’. It also erased all my previously saved bookmarks.

    I’ve checked and a) the spellings of characters and guilds are correct, and b) I do have network access (I can browse the web, etc.). Also tried rebooting my Droid and no difference.

  47. I was wondering if you could set it to save the image of the 3D model or set it as the wall paper? Also can you release the full version of the app so it’s paid via US dollars cause I can’t buy any app that is any other currency.

  48. The character thumbnails are not updating on the HTC evo. My Druid is no longer a night elf yet the thumbnail in my favorites and on the armory a screen is not updating. When I click on the thumbnail to see the model, that is correct.

  49. love the app but for some reason I can’t read my mail it says unavailable server and reason this might be? Also I cant even bring up the auction house? That was the main reason I downloaded this app! So while im playing I can see whats new in the auction house. By the way I have the andriod ascend!

  50. While checking over my many toons that I have saved, ranged/relics aren’t showing up. Can’t even click on it like the picture is not loading. Any ideas as to why they don’t appear?

  51. Does the portrait ever update with new gear. A few of my toons have had new gear for a month or so and the portrait never changes with what they have on.

  52. The only gripe I have is that the portraits don’t update on a character page, just from search results. When I search for my priest it shows me as an Undead which I am now but on my page it says I’m still a Tauren.

  53. Hi!

    First of all congratz on this awsome app! Looks great and feels great on my Galaxy S!
    However i want to ask a question…I am curently playing on a private wow server and
    i was wondering wether it is possible to manualy edit the realmlist and input mine?
    In wow dir it was the file
    Looking forward to your answer!

    Thanks in advance!

  54. is simply edible with notepad but remember to backup the original file and blizz might ban you from their servers if they detect you went on pvt servers..

  55. Hi I just downloaded this app and can’t seem to get off the insert name page for it. I put my characters name in pressed the button and nothing, now I do live in canada so that might be my only problem. From the selection you have united states europe china etc. and I did select the US like on WoW, ‘select the region closest to you’ but it might be different here. Please tell me if this app isn’t for canada please.

  56. I’d like to know how to uninstall this app. Doesn’t show in my My Apps list – I have the paid version – on the Market and I can’t find the file on my phone (yes, it’s still there).

  57. First let me say this app is the best. Second I get notifications sent to me for one toon, how do I change it to different toon and last but not least can I donate without using paypal

  58. Firstly, let me say I’m very impressed. This must have taken a lot of time, care and attention – and it really shows.

    A couple of suggestions… A link to launch the mobile authentication would he nice and hopefully quite easy.

    The 3d viewer drag functionality is little picky – fine for quick swipes but it goes nuts if you try to slowly rotate one way then another. Can I suggest something akin to how page scrolling works in browsers when you middle click. Something like on finger down, record initial coords. Work out vector from initial pos to current finger pos and use that .x as the rotation around y/ .y as the camera y translation

    I haven’t found a way to view talents but since that’s an obvious feature, I assume ive either missed it or its hard to implement.

    Thank you again for all your hard work.

  59. Just donated and I have to say hat although the in-app paypal UI looks professional, it did give me a moment of concern wrt security and I did have to go change my paypal password afterwards. I would’ve been happier with a browser so I could verify url and ssl quality

  60. Hi,

    It’s a fantastic app and it’s clear you’ve put a lot of effort and attention to detail into it – Very impressive. Thank you!

    A couple of suggestions which may be of use – Feel free to ignore :)

    > I’d personally find a link the to Battle.Net mobile authenticator from within the app very useful (hopefully a quick win)

    > The 3D viewer (which is incredible BTW) is a little awkward to rotate – it seems to react fine to quick swipes but slow drags are a tad glitchy. Can I suggest something like: On finger down, record “Start Position”. During drag, get the vector from start pos to current pos – The X component would represent magnitude of rotation around the Y axis this tick, the Y would either shift the camera Y or rotate around the X or Z axis. The “feel” would be approximately the same as middle-click and drag in a browser.

    > Finally, I just donated and have to say that although the PayPal UI in-app looks very professional, I was a little cautious donating as I wasn’t able to see the URL (I know there isn’t really one) or verify the SSL cert – For all I know, your app could’ve just swallowed my credentials. I’m not sure if launching the browser is an option but it would’ve made me feel happier.

    Once again, thanks for all your hard work.

    • @Basiclife : I’ve heard you. I know Paypal screen is not very… well… trustworthy. I mean, it is really secure, of course, but many users don’t feel confortable with it…
      Since last version, it’s now possible to donate via a Google market checkout. I don’t know if it’s better, you’ll tell me…

      As I told you by email, I’m keeping your other suggestions in mind…

  61. Hi i have the Samsung infuse 4g its an android. Is it possible to.see your talents cuz i can’t or is it just not available on my phone

  62. How do you remove a bookmark on a toon that was moved to another server? I did uninstall and reinstall the app, but it still remained.

  63. Great app! I think we should all consider a Christmas donation.
    I’m having an issue though: when I use Find Upgrade, if I select an item and after viewing the detail, hitting back makes it return to the top of the item list. This is a bother when looking over multiple items on a long list.

  64. Awesome app. There is one feature that I think would be a great improvement. Allow the user to sort the list of toons, such as level, realm, class, name, etc. I’m an altaholic, so I have about 30 bookmarks.

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