WoW Droid Armory

Droid Armory is an application for Android phones which facilitates access to Blizzard’s Armory official web site.

3D Avatar

It searches for your characters in the database, shows their characteristics, statistics and items, look for gear upgrades, see your avatar in 3D, check your talents…

Sample screenshot

Main screen

It is also possible to place a widget on your home screen, containing your character’s name and level.

Widget in action

107 thoughts on “WoW Droid Armory

  1. If you could find a way to display arena ratings and statistics, I would donate. This would be an amazing feature and something that I’m sure many including myself would like to see.

    • Well, there is no AH API at the time. Blizzard is making it’s own mobile Action House application (for iPhone only), but there’s no way for me to access these valuable informations… Unless Blizzard wants to hire me, of course ! ;)
      (my email is public, and I’m open… hehe)

  2. Blizzards auction house app is available for android too! I’m using it on my HTC Desire, and it’s great!

  3. WoW-heroes is a better site for gear score at least for myself. You should make it our choice what site to use for gear score.

  4. Loving this app, and the 3D works great!

    However, any chance you could add more widgets/widget sizes?
    Would personally love to see a 4×1 or 4×2 widget

  5. It would be great to be able to view any item in the armory on a choice of race/gender model. And maybe to be able to view more than one piece of armour on a character at a time.

  6. Sorting raid achievements by raid instance would make that section usable. Would be a must have on your phone to save alt-tabbing while ‘chievement checkin pugs!

  7. I have donated and plan to once a quarter. C’mon folks…there is a ton of work that goes into these apps and the developers need to be compensated. Get on board please…this app rocks!

  8. Can you add the “jump to home screen” button like yu did for the free version?
    I decided to finally buy your app because I really like It and think you deserve money for it.
    If you would like help programming for your app Id love to help.

  9. I love this app. This is by far the most useful app I have. Using it on a Moto Droid. I would like to see as the gs counter. Maybe be able to access the Armory to look for new gear too would be great. You do great work here man. Love it. Going to donate now. Thanks again.

  10. would it be possible to add a “sort” function for the “find an upgrade”? example would be to look for above a certain gear level, instance, etc

  11. Nice app to start out with, but there are a few astetic updates that would be nice.
    1-update the icon, its rubbish.(maybe just update the donate version.
    2-update the actual UI itself, it works, but its quite ugly. (Once again maybe make this a donate version to get more people to pay to the apparently more.)
    I know looks aren’t everything but they do help.

  12. It is an awesome app, but very often it just gets stuck while loading (i’m using a HTC desire on O2 in UK). Pretty sure my data connection is fine as internet still works, and it even does it with WiFi on. I find myself having to revert to the much more feature poor ‘Armored’ app. OK enough whining.

    One or two feature suggestions, it would be nice if you could sort the bookmarks, and guild members. Also if it didn’t lock out while loading, you could get to links without having to wait for icons etc… for things that you don’t necessarily need.

    But keep up the good work, it really is a fantastic little app!

  13. Some of my toons armor either doesn’t show up or it is whited out. My dk will not show his helm and when it tries it cuts off part of his head. It also won’t show my weapons or guild tabbard

  14. Wanted to throw out a idea….. what about adding a way to mail gold to ur other tions.. as in themes something I want but my g is spread between my tions…. would b nice to b able to send some from room to room..
    Nice app.. however my account got hacked 3 days after putting this on my phone.. funny part is seen several peeps make the same complaint in th comments for the app….. watch ur ass people…. not saying the maker did it but been playing over 3 years now never had a problem till days after adding this… kinda strange for it to happen like that… after all this is not made by blizz… and you have to enter ur log in info…. and they want ur phone state which means they have access to that (Note from Orabîg : access to what ? Not much, believe me) once u enter it …… think we doing one of our hackers

    Added by Orabig : You first idea is impossible in my app. Don’t be confused between mine and Blizzard’s Auction House that you can install and launch from my app. If you know Android, you would also know that I have no way to access infos that are in their applications. Also, I deleted above what you said that was untrue. I DO NOT HAVE ANY ACCESS to you log info, and will NEVER ask them. That’s the reason I will always refuse to implement calendar, even if many players ask for it. Sorry guys.
    And I am not afraid to approve comment from that kind of paranoïd people on my blog. I have nothing to do with hacker and any competent people knowing Android plateform can confirm that I cannot do anything bad. Many people use my software, some people get hacked because they were negligent some time, so statistically, some do both. Sorry for these, but I’m not accountable for their stupidity…

  15. I too love this app and plan to donate very soon. I would also like to see a 4×1 version of the widget, and even a 2×1 so that they can be centered. Yeah, I know I’m a little OCD in that sense! Also, the recommendation to be able to jump to areas of the acheivements is great – I often check ppl in pugs on your app. Please keep your current version of the gearscore, as the wowheroes one is not used on my server. To satisfy all, perhaps an option in the settings might work…. thanks again for creating this app – you are awesome!

  16. Ok, so I love the app and if a few more bugs can be worked out I’ll definately donate… first of which is, 80% of the time I try and see my toon in 3 D they are solid white… no color or definition. If they do show up they have different features I.e. on trolls tusks are different, hair is different, face is different. When looking in 3D figure I wanna see the toon I created, not some toon with my toons name.

  17. Really cool thing wood b if u cood make it ware…u have ur toon an then put armor on them,like tier or pvp sets…jus saying,something to consider

  18. I agree with samuel walker(cood b less of a douche bout it)…it wood be nice if u cood fix it…an again with my idea about seeing wat ur toons wood look like in tier an pvp sets……I wood definetly donate!!! :D

  19. Is it possible to make it where you can search with wildcards? So we could search for night* and it return all characters with night in their name?

  20. “Is it possible to make it where you can search with wildcards? So we could search for night* and it return all characters with night in their name?” That would be great ! Cause searching for characters with special chars in the name is a REAL PAIN ! ;)

  21. dear. i download and installed this program. but i can`t search my character. my character is 국제테러범 lv80. ellun server in korea. what should i do? i`ll wait the responce;;

    • @j kim : I don’t know this kind of characters very well, but I’m pretty sure that if you’re from an asian country, you know how to enter such characters on your phone. The standard Android keyboard should appear when you tap on the input field.

    • To know that, you should try to display your toon on the Wow Armory official site.
      Every time I did it, it was Blizzard’s fault. Be patient until they update their own website.

  22. I haven’t been able to select the mail icon. When i do it says server unavailable. I have 40 unread mail from you and i can’t read any of it-Samsung vibrant t-mo

  23. Great App! Don’t usually mind the ads, but one (Priceline) dropped me out of app and into the Download/Install App screen for Priceline on my Droid without my intervention! Not cool :( As for the guy who got hacked and thought it was by Orabig ….. ROFLMAO !

  24. Hi. Just created a character, I’m on level 16, was wondering at what level can I see a picture of my character? Also, have a level 83 cataclysm character and can’t see any of my new items, they show as question marks. I know ur busy, just asking. Thank you for all uve done. I have donated and appreciate what u do.

  25. Hi,

    I miss some info about the items that I wear! For example “umgeschmiedet” and by the stats how many mastery I have.

    Many thanks for your work!!!!!!!!

  26. Thanks for the great app, but I miss some info: mastery, glyph and all cata items with all their info, also the info about “umschmieden”….

    For the alliance….

  27. I just paid for the full version and it won’t download to my phone at all. It starts then quits right away. This is very irritating and I’m losing my patience here. My phone provider checked and it’s not my phone or the provider, it’s the app. Please fix this or give me my money back.

  28. Love the app but I see a favorite button and can’t see how to save a favorite, please. Let me know how at the. Email thanks Shane

  29. Hey Orabig!
    Great app, which I used for nearly a year. With your latest update I decided to buy the donate version…
    Since then, my widget disappeared and it doesn’t show up in the widgets list anymore.
    I know you’re heavily working on your new version and there are a lot of creases to iron out.
    Was just wondering if you (or anyone else) is aware of the missing widget problem.
    Keep up the good work!
    Greez, Rua

  30. In the old version, we had the option to enter special characters. We can’t do that now. All my toons have apecial characters (alt 0239) and now I can’t look them up. When will this be available? I don’t want to uninstall the app.

  31. Just got the update that included the WoW auction house! Well done! This app is amazing and your dedication is unmatched. Expect a donation. Thank you!

  32. The app worked fine before i updated it a few days ago now i can look up anyone else’s toon but not my own main i can get it to look up my alts though. I know im not spelling it wrong Pästön . Any one have any ideas to get it to work?

  33. I love this app! I had the free one an like others have said it was worth giving money for:) I tell everyone I know about this app who plays wow. Even got my wife too lol its a MUST have for wow players! Great job! Finds every toon and guild with speed. Its a little laggy on loading toons but what app doesn’t have a little lag.

  34. Hi realtime nice app I use it a lot but does not show 3rd model on HTC wildfire any ideas also when will you release the cataclysm version many thanks

  35. I’m assuming you are working on fixing talents, gear lookup, and news feeds with the new layout? Thanks for all the work.. Definately donating once the new version is back up and running!

  36. I love the app! Tho on toons that were once alliance but are now horde still are blue and their guild is listed as an alliance guild untill u click it. Also i have found the setting for the gearscore yet i can never find a toons score i am on the free ver. Idk if thats why its the whole reason i got the app so if it is plz let me know and ill pay. And one morr thing i too and getting the bug where my toons gear is not showing up only on my low lvls tho my 85 updates. Thnx and again love the app really usefull.

  37. Basically I love it except that its now constantly crashing where it didn’t before and I can’t seem to access the guild part of my char :S

  38. I was about to donate for this and than the 3d got removed so now i will just delete the app.. shame though it was one of the top features.

  39. I saw your comment about adding the calendar to the app. I see that you do not want to do it because it would require people logging in to their accounts. What if you just added the plain event calendar that just shows BG weekends and when other world events are and such? Is that possible without requiring people to login to an account? Great app by the way. Love the new updates.

  40. I believe, before the new update, I was able to see how my stats were affected by gear, talents, ect. The effectived stats were in green and explained how toon achieved set stat points. (eg. 75points of stamina gave toon Xxx amount of health..) is there a way to turn back on or am I not looking in right place anymore.

  41. Love the app wish the guild info worked, btw the small thumbs of my dwarf paly and my gnome lock are sick but my dk night elf pic is hella weak

  42. Firstly great app really love it but since updating the app when I view the 3D image of the character all I get is crap 2D image unlike the nice almost in game like 3D character image I used to get, so was wondering if any plans to bring back the 3D image? I have the HTC desire HD.

  43. How do I mark a character for the favorites to place on my widget? I click the star in the upper right hand corner and absolutely nothing comes up.

  44. Freakin Fabulous App! I’d love to see a wishlist (something like the wishlist feature in the AtlasLoot plugin in-game) implemented into it. It’d be great to be able to find a gear upgrade then be able to add the upgrade to a list for future reference. Keep up the fantastic work.

  45. Hello,

    i have a question. Why is my arena not shown?? The app allways says no arena team but in game i have an arena team.

    thx for answer and help

  46. I have used the free version of Driod Armory for a while and have been completely happy with it. I recently purchased an HTC Thunderbolt and the armory worked better than ever, but a couple of days ago the app just forced closed when I tried to do anything off the main screen. I purchased the donate version to see if it would work better, but it just force closes as well. Your attention in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  47. For me the things that were not working are now working once again and that includes the 3D models being viewable again.

    Bug: 3D models arrow button to make them walk has an error. Push it once it is fine after that though is when the error happnens as it does not respond to the second push to make it stop moving. Other then that everything else appears to work properly. Rooted fascinate.

  48. Hi!

    This is the best aplication of WoW Users, better than WoW Oficial Application. At least in my opinion.

    I’m a initiate in Android Development but I’m interesting in Source Code of this applicatión.

    How I can get it? It’s possible?

    PostDate: Sorry but my english is not very well…

  49. It worked for me twice. Now I can see my toon and gear but wont let me look at gear. When I click on it the page comes up and says just Error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. If a dev could email me with suggestions. Hate to buy it fir good if it wont work on my droid x

  50. Hi, and thanks för an awesome app! Been using it för quite same time how, and it’s worked like a charm. That is until a few days ago, when the achievements tab stoppad working… Pressing it just takes me… well… nowhere really. After a “sliding screen” animation, I’m back at the main screen. Anyone else who’s had similar issues? I’m using an HTC Desire HD on Gingerbread.

  51. If I search for a toon that was previously bookmarked it will work, but otherwise it says. An error has occoured.

  52. i tried the blizzard app, but, even given this app’s problems (crashes, no 3D viewer), this is the superior app. i would so pay for it if you sold it through the android market, but i’m not going to use paypal. sorry.

  53. Ok why would o keep this one when I have n app where I can talk to my guild on it and see everything on my toon all my guild info and see my guild and also see the dungeons and also see the guild calander and see a lot of gear to replace mine this is pretty much a knock off of mine but at least I can log in and talk to ny guildys so uninstalled

  54. How do I find you in the android app market. I had you on my phone, but had to warranty out the phone and not all my apps were saved. Now I can’t find you in the app store. Is there someplace else to download the app or are you no longer developing the application? I liked being able to look up a prospective recruit to the guild before inviting without having to leave the game.

  55. guess the character searching server has expired, so no characters can be found. however the details of existing characters can be updated.

  56. The app is amazing. But. The hair on all. Looks elves are blonde? And very opposite of what the actual characters. Are also several gear pieces missing. I have yet to see one character in their full gear. Most are half naked. Also hunter weapons are on backwards. You see the inside of a bow rather than outside

  57. Recently anytime I try the uprade item button I get “application droid armory (process has stopped unexpectedly. However if I don’t try the item upgrade button it works fine.

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